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University of Canberra Students’ Representative Council is the elected representative body of students at the University of Canberra. UCSRC is here to defend student’s right to a high quality and equitable education – we are your student voice at UC.

Founded in 1969, the UCSRC has been here from the beginning to defend and advocate for the rights of students on campus. Our committee of elected student representatives sit on numerous academic boards and committees to advocate for and defend the rights of students at the University.

In 2015, the University of Canberra Students Association Incorporated voluntarily wound up, and the components of UCSRC were merged into the University of Canberra Union as a decision making sub-committee under the UCU board.


We all hope that your time goes off without a hitch, but sometimes things go wrong – and the UCSRC is here to help. If you think you are being treated unfairly or have any academic grievances, you can come and speak to one of our Advocacy Officers who are there to help you.

Student Experience – One of our key objectives at the UCSRC is to improve the student experience at UC. We do this through running a number of event , campaigns, liaising between the University and students as well as running campus collectives.


The UCSRC publishes the only student magazine on campus run by students for students. Curieux is a conduit for communication with the student body, it allows students to write on engaging and important issues that matter to them, as well as having the autonomy to hold the University to account for decision that negatively impact the student body.

UCSRC Executive Committee 2017

UCSRC representatives are elected by the student body and hold the position for a period of one year. The six elected Executive positions are:

President: Darcy Egan

Welfare Officer: Luke Catania 

Women’s’ Officer: Madeleine Reid

International Students’ Officer: Coletta Nyamambi

Postgraduate Student Officer: Hayley Teasdale

Ethnocultural Officer: Kaitlyn Gilles

(Dis)ability Officer: Raissa Oliveira

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Students Officer: Aylah Williams

Environment Officer: Mathew Klumper

Queer Officer: Lachlan Vild

Unilodge Representative: Mark Rossetto