Spoiler Warning: Do not read if you have not yet watched Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 1, The Red Woman. 

It is that time of year again. The fantastic show Game of Thrones is upon us. The first episode titled The Red Woman screened on Monday and this article is a recap of what happened and what the author makes of it all.

The show essentially started from where we left off last year, with Jon Snow laying in a pool of blood looking very dead. Jon Snow’s dire wolf Ghost is howling into the night, with Jon’s body subsequently discovered by Ser Davos and brought into a small bed chamber. Not long after, Melisandre enters the resting chamber and in despair, proclaims “I saw him in flames, fighting in Winterfell” which is hopefully an omen of things to come.

We then move on to Winterfell where both Sansa and Theon (aka Reek) are running away from a Bolton searching party. The search party eventually catch up to them, as they are about to re-capture Sansa, Brianne comes along and saves the day slaughtering the Bolton search party. We then see Brianne seek to become a loyal servant of Sansa’s. This will be an interesting storyline to follow.

The show then moves on to Kings Landing where Cersei discovers that her brother Jamie Lannister (aka The Kingslayer) is arriving along with her daughter Myrcella. It was a bittersweet moment, because I want Cersei to suffer for all the horrible things she has done but I did find myself empathising with her grief that she has lost another one of her children (One that was evidently much nicer than Jofferey).

This falls into the bigger and more drastic picture of what happened in Dorne. The sand snakes murder Doran Martell, Prince of Dorne and his son (and heir) Trystane Martell. Dorne is now without a legitimate ruler or as Ellaria the oldest sand snake says “Dorne will never again be ruled by weak men”. It will be interesting to see where this takes us as it is quite a departure from the book and one I am not completely sold on. I think they wasted an opportunity to explain Doran Martell’s character a lot more to us.

We then go across the narrow sea to Essos. Daenerys has been captured by the Dothraki and manages to hold her own against Karl Moro. He promises that no one will lay a finger on Daenerys because she is the widow of a Karl, but they will be trying to force her to go to Vaes Dothrak and live out her days with the other widows as Dothraki law dictates. We all know this isn’t going to last and I just want to see what will happen when her dragon Drogon shows up. Elsewhere across the sea,  Tyrion and Varys have some hot banter and Arya gets beaten with a stick.

Then we get what the audience was waiting for the whole episode we head back to the Wall. It looks like in the next episode there might be a battle between Ser Davos and the Jon Snow loyalists against the other men of the nights watch, which would be cool to see. Anyway the show then focuses on Melisandre as she takes off her necklace (Is that the source of her power?) and transforms into a really old woman which I believe is her true form. It’s hinted in the books that she is much older than she looks. And that’s where it ended!!!!!! Like what just as I was getting into it, I guess like everyone else I will have to wait and see until next week to see if Melisandre has simply lost her faith in the Lord of Light, or if she just takes is off to go to bed, or worst of all if taking off the necklace will kill her because she is so old and then Jon Snow most certainly won’t be coming back to life.

Overall it was a fantastic episode despite the with the Martell storyline from the books, I simply didn’t want it to end like they can’t END IT THERE!!!!!!!!!