Warning this article is dark and full of spoilers

The episode starts up in Castle Black with a rider approaching the gate. It is Sansa, they made it. Jon comes down to greet the rider unknowing of who it was and in one of the most heart-warming scenes Jon sees it is his long lost sister Sansa. They both run towards each other in a heart-warming embrace, that brought tears to most viewer’s eyes. Finally, something went right for the Starks. They then are both sitting together reminiscing of when life was simple for them before half their family died. Sansa then proposes that they take back Winterfell for themselves as it is their home, but Jon is more reluctant as he describes that he has been fighting ever since he left Winterfell and died for it.

The show then briefly takes us back to the Vale where Peter Baylish the current Lord protector until Robin Arryn comes of age. Baylish then proceeds to convince Robin to bring the Vale into the fold and march towards Winterfell, which is looking more and more like there will be a big battle in the North later on in the series.

Over in Meereen, Tyrion invites the masters of Yunkai and Astapor to discuss the slave trade in Slavers Bay he proposes a compromise, that being they will end the slave trade within seven years and will be offered a fair price for their losses. He then explains that you don’t need slaves to be wealthy as he came from more wealth than any of the masters. The proposed compromise does anger some of the former slaves, Grey Worm & Missandei who believe the masters will not listen to Tyrion and keep doing as they please, whereas Tyrion believes their own self-interest will keep the slave masters in line.

In Kings Landing, Margery talks to the High Sparrow and finds out more about his past and how he was once rather wealthy, but this changed one day after a huge party where he decided to live a less ‘sinful’ life. He then allows Margery to see her brother Loras and they both comfort each other. Cersei then confronts Kevan Lannister and Olena Tyrell (The Queen of Thorns) in the small council chamber and seek to reason with them and attempt to work out what to do with Margery because Olena refuses for the Queen to do a walk of shame like Cersei did last series.

The show then takes us to the Iron Islands where Theon has arrived home and greets his sister on Pyke. His sister is annoyed that he has arrived because she is worried that Theon is attempting to proclaim himself King of the Iron Islands, but Theon refutes that is what he is doing and says to Yara that he will support her claim as Queen of the Iron Islands.

We then go back up to the Wall where Jon receives a letter from the Bolton’s telling Jon that he’s brother is in her dungeon and that they are going to rape Sansa and kill him. After reading this shocking letter Jon then turns around and asks Tormund how many men he has, it is not enough. Sansa then pipes in and says that many of the Northern houses are still loyal to House Stark and would rise up for them both. Sansa then pleads with Jon to save their brother Rickon to which Jon agrees they are going to march on Winterfell, in what is going to be a fantastic battle.

The show then takes us back to Vaes Dothrak where Daenerys has hatched a plan with Jorah and Daario Naharis to take all of the Dothraki as her own. In her meeting with the great Kharl’s they essentially decide that she will become one of the Dosh Kaleen and live out her days in Vaes Dothrak with the other widows. Which Daenerys then tells them that she wants to lead the Dothraki the Kharl’s laugh at her and the proposed to all fuck her until there is nothing left, to which she says that they will now die and kills all of the great Kharl’s by setting the whole temple on fire killing everyone but herself. All of the Dothraki come racing to the temple in a panic as it is going up in flames to which they soon see Daenerys emerge from the ruins unharmed as they then all bow before her. Daenerys is now in control of all the Dothraki she is the Khaleesi of them, in one of the most epic finales to a Game of Thrones episode.