Warning this article is dark and full of spoilers

The episode starts where it left off last week. Bran and Mira are running away from a group of wights as Bran is using his Greenseer abilities and is seeing flashbacks from Robert’s rebellion including the Mad King and his obsession with wildfire. Bran is then awoken by Mira and they are in grave danger, about to be killed, when they are saved by a mysterious figure on a horse (More on this later).

We are then taken to Sam’s home of Horn Hill where Sam meets his family again in an attempt to leave Gilly and the baby with his family where it will be safe while he travels to be a maester. Sam’s mother and sister are overwhelmed to see Sam and appear happy to see him again. Both Sam and Gilly are invited to dinner where they dine with Lord Randall Tarly who seems less than impressed to see Sam again. After Randall starts goading Sam and Gilly once he finds out she is a wildling Sam’s mother and sister leave unimpressed with Randall’s behaviour. Afterwards Randall obliges and allows Gilly and the baby to stay with the Tarly’s but tells Sam that he will never set foot in Horn Hill again. Sam as he is about to leave has a change of heart and steals House Tarly’s Valyerian steel sword and leaves with Gilly.

The show then cuts to Bravos where Arya is watching a play being acted out of the events that have happened in the show. She leaves impressed with the acting of the woman she is supposed to assassinate, easily the most talented, Arya talks to her for a while and then makes her decision, she decides to warn the good actress and therefore abandons the faceless men. Arya then goes back to retrieve Needle and readies to leave Bravos.

Over in Kings Landing as prepared Jamie Lannister and Lord Mace Tyrell march with a whole lot of men to stop Queen Margery’s walk of atonement when they confront the High Sparrow he shocks Jamie when he declares that there will be no walk of atonement and walking out of the sept of Baelor is King Tommen and Margery, Tommen then declares a new era of peace and co-operation between the crown and the faith, much to Jamie’s disgust. Later Tommen sends Jamie off to re-capture Riverrun from the Blackfish (Bryden Tully) who has retaken it from the Frey’s/Lannister’s.

Then we go back beyond the Wall where the mysterious rider creates a fire for everyone. When Bran asks the mysterious rider who he is, he reveals himself as Benjen Stark (Or what is left of him), Benjen then explains to Bran that his ranging party got attacked north of the Wall and he was saved from being turned into a wight by the Children of the forest in the same way they create the White Walkers, with dragon glass into the heart.

And finally the episode’s final scenes are over in Essos where Daenerys is leading the Dothraki to Mereen, when she finds her dragon Drogon again and in an inspiring railing call, rallies the men to cross the narrow sea to take Westeros and claim the Iron Throne in an epic finish.


By Martin Strangman 


Photo credit: HBO