The UCSA is no longer, with the organisation now known as the University of Canberra Student Representative Council (UCSRC).

The rebranding is a result of the merge with the UC Union, which happened at the beginning of 2016.

UCSRC President Darcy Egan said the name needed to be changed, to better reflect the new role of student representation. This includes the expanded committee and the change of office location.

In 2017, the UCSRC will be moving into a new office in the UC Lodge Building. Last week, the UCSA office officially closed with staff now operating out of the UC Life Office for the time being.

Last week also marked the end of the transition period with the Your UCSA team officially in charge.

Curieux will continue to report all things UCSRC in 2017, so stay tuned for all the latest developments. 

Featured image by Ballofstring at English Wikipedia, CC BY 4.0,