Top Five Brunch Locations in Canberra

It’s a cold, bitter Sunday morning and let’s just say you had at least an entry level amount of fun last night at those guys house that you sort of know but deep down you know you don’t. You wake to find your three favourite friends all fast asleep on your floor. You’re cold, hungry and need a shower but most of all you need to get some food into your system. What is there to do?

Well what’s better for that than a good ol’ group brunch to get your crew back on track so work on Monday isn’t so rough? Here are the top five, in no order, places to do exactly that! You could also go on dates, see parents, literally anything, not just restricted to Sundays. Also would like to thank @spoonfullofcanberra for helping me with the photos and taking me to some of these places, follow her on Instagram you most definitely will not regret (it’s like this list but not a list and just regular updates of what’s good in Canberra).


1 – The Cupping Room, City

Donovan_CuppingRoomThe Cupping Room is easily one of the top places to eat in Canberra for any occasion but for an early morning breakfast or late brunch to show your parents you are in fact doing alright with your life away from home it really takes the cake. The prices might look a little scary at first but trust me, it is so worth it. The food is of excellent quality and the wait staff know the menu like the back of their hands and can easily answer any question. Not only this, they have seasonal menus which are really fitting for those cold Canberra mornings or balmy summer days. Also, just to point out, they’ve been making amazing milkshakes before Clive Palmer even knew Patissez existed. Just make sure to have some time free as there is usually a line, even arriving at 7am.


2 – Hudson, Dickson

Donovan_2HudsonHudson has a special little place in my heart because I have gone through phases of religiously going there for weeks at a time. Out of these five it is the most ideal for any student due to the low prices and speed of service. They literally have everything you need and it won’t cost you an arm or a leg either. Would recommend anything involving poached eggs and/or hollandaise sauce because honestly, some of the best you can get. Really great for a lazy day/study treat/any reason at all really.

3 – Local Press, Kingston

Donovan_3LocalPressLocated alongside the Kingston Foreshore you feel like you have just come home entering Local Press. With an amazingly welcoming feeling and a rustic theme throughout, the team behind the counter are there to offer you with some healthy options for everyone’s favourite meal of the day. Not only this, the juices will blow your mind which are also forever changing. Though the menu is rather small it is very tight with each meal bring something new to the table. Also I found there were a good amount of vegetarian and vegan options on the menu considering the size, great anyone who has custom dietary needs.


4 – Coffee Lab, City

Donovan_4CoffeeLabLocated in the city Coffee Lab, as you can tell by the name, specialises in great coffee throughout the day. With a variety of coffee options it’s a great spot to expand your coffee pallet with a young trendy team behind the counter ready and willing to help. Fun fact though, this hidden coffee gem just off the centre of the city has a hella good menu with great options for vegetarians, vegans and those who prefer gluten free. It’s really a jack of all trades whether you’re just passing through just needing a caffeine fix or whether you feel like having a healthy meal Coffee Lab is really the place for you.

5 – Ricardo, Jamison

Lastly is a little secret café you’ve probably never heard of hidden in south Belconnen (maybe other people in 2617 know about it, literally have no idea us northsiders are the worst). On a similar tear to the Cupping Room it’s possible there will be some form of line between you and your delicious meal but at the same, it is also most definitely worth the wait. Offering both an extensive breakfast and lunch menu it’s the place to be all year round as they also offer seasonal items. Another, just really great part about this is after chowing down on some hotcakes and some fat milkshakes you have Big Splash literally across the road. Nothing is better than that.