UC’s Market Day can be pretty overwhelming, even for those of us who are four years into our degrees. To save you from being overwhelmed this Wednesday, Curieux have put together a list of UC’s clubs and what you can expect from your membership. While not all of the clubs will be present during Market Day, below you’ll find details about all the clubs on campus, and how to get involved. If you’re interested in a club, Market Day is definitely the easiest way to sign up, so take a look at the link provided for each to see whereabouts you’ll find them during O Week.

Our top tip (after you’ve done your research, of course) is that you turn up to the day with a little bit of cash. It will make signing up to your chosen clubs on the day a whole lot easier! If you can’t make it along to this year’s Market Day, there’s no need to worry – you can still discover everything you need to know about UC’s clubs and how to join by checking out Virtual Market Day.

Academic Clubs:

Arclub: The UC’s Student Architecture Society is for architecture students and enthusiasts. The club offers many opportunities such as exhibitions, trainings and workshops, which expose members to the industry and like-minded individuals.

CaSPA: Got a passion for pharmacy? Canberra Student Pharmacist’s Association is the club for you. This club provides educational, professional, and social events to Pharmacy students over the course of the year. CaSPA aims to ensure that students completing the degrees are also able to have a lot of fun. They’re opportunities include additional courses like First Aid and Mental Health First Aid, employment information sessions and a whole lot more. Don’t forget visit them during Market Day, as this year they’re holding a jelly bean guessing competition!

Joining Fee: $20/year

CFSA: The Canberra Forensic Student’s Association is a group designed for those who have a passion, for… well, crime. The association is for any forensic students, industry professionals, and those with a true passion for forensic sciences. CFSA host opportunities such as group study sessions, social events and activities, employment opportunities, industry talks with guest speakers and chances to be a part of their committee.

Joining fee: $10/year

DIA: Are you a medical imaging student? Check out the UC Radiographic and Diagnostic Imaging Association. This club aims to create social pathways for students to connect, socialise and study. Not only this but it also offers a pathway for other student to experience and get a taste for the medical imaging degree!

EUC: Entrepreneurship UC is a club that revolves around development, innovation, start-ups and, of course, entrepreneurship. EUC is for anyone who wants to know about business and wants to be part of something bigger! Being a member gives you opportunities to pitch and develop ideas, showcase business start-ups and many other activities.

FANS: The UC Food and Nutrition society aims to create and sustain a support network between students, staff and others within the community, by educating them about food and nutrition. Throughout the year, you can expect a whole heap of social and educational events and activities.

ID Club: The UC Industrial Design Club is for those who are studying subjects in the field of Industrial Design. It offers a great opportunity for those interested in industrial design to socialise while training, through workshops and group study sessions.

Kreatif: Kreatif has its sights set on innovation within the community through design thinking. Their aim is to provide students with the right tools to create and find solutions. It caters to those interested in the design process, branding and identity, storytelling and pitching, and personal and professional development.

Joining fee: $5 for six months, $10 for a year, $15 for two years, $25 for three years or $40 for 5 years.

PIRaNaS: The UC Politics International Relations and National Security Student Association (yep, PIRaNaS is definitely way easier to say!) is about bringing like-minded people together. The society provides resources that go beyond the classroom to promote professional development among students and seeks to create networks between its members and individuals from the community. If these areas interest you, PIRaNaS is the club for you!

Joining fee: $5/year

SPS: The Student Planners Society is a club for people studying urban and regional planning or related fields at UC. The SPS pride its self on community and come together to assist each other with assessment, whilst working alongside planning professionals to network with future employers to aid their planning future. SPS have no joining fees but are focused on anyone involved in a Bachelors or Masters of Urban and Regional Planning.

SUDO: University of Canberra Student Developer Organisation is for students who want to collaborate, share ideas and improve their coding skills, all while problem-solving and working on projects with like-minded members. SUDO’s main aim is to help their members develop and better through real world practices and opportunities such as trainings and workshops, industry talks, guest speakers, social events and activities.

Joining fee: $5/semester $10/year

UCAA: University of Canberra Accounting Association is the perfect academic group for — yep, you guessed it — accounting students. Whether you’re studying accounting or just have an interest in the field, UCAA is a group of like-minded people offering loads of awesome opportunities. These include employment information sessions, industry meet and greets, chances to be involved in the committee and a range of social events and activities.

Joining fee: $5

UCAMS: The University of Canberra Advertising and Marketing Society (UCAMS) is described as a welcoming student collective that is known for its fun, vibrant and engaging opportunities. Its main focus is communication students, however, it caters for everyone in the community who shares an interest in media and PR. As a member of UCAMS, you’ll have access to industry trips, social events and activities, employment information sessions, and group study sessions. While UCAMS was originally designed as solely an advertising and marketing society, they’ve expanded to fill the gaps left by redundant societies and are now a ‘communications society’, encouraging PR and media students to join up too.

Joining Fee: $5/year

UCCHC: The University of Canberra Cultural Heritage Committee’s goal is to offer members opportunities for professional development and networking within Cultural Heritage and related industries. UCCHC organises events and opportunities that complement course work. This includes seminars and industry meet-and-greets, giving you the best head start on your degree.

Joining fee: $5/year

UC Environmental Society: This society is awesome for anyone (staff and students alike) who wants to increase and develop their understanding of environmental science. They offer networking opportunities and have access to volunteering and work opportunities in the field.

UC Isaacs Law Society: This society is the representative body for all Law and Justice Studies students. Isaacs focuses on career-related initiatives, educational endeavours, social events for students, advocacy and representation of law-related student issues, and the building up of a student legal community. Opportunities at the club include competitions and debates, social events and activities, employment information sessions, and a whole lot more!

UCMS: Have an old camera that needs dusting off? This might be your chance. The UC Media Society is for anyone who studies, works or is interested in the Film, Television and Media Industry. This club is dedicated to providing its members with opportunities both at university and within the Canberra media industry. Among the opportunities they provide are student-led film initiatives, workshops and training and the chance to be apart of a strong and supportive peer network.

Joining fee: $5/year

UCNS: The UC Nursing Society is a club run by nursing students for nursing students. Whether it’s complaining about the weight of nursing textbooks or assisting nursing students to learn, lead, grow and connect – UCNS is a community of support for those undertaking a pretty tough degree! UCNS is also offering 50% off their membership price on Market Day if students sign up there and then!

Joining fee: $10/year (50% off if you sign up on Market Day)

University of Canberra Press Club: The University of Canberra Press Club is a society with a focus on journalism students. It aims to help students learn new specialist skills and network with journalists in the field to help kick-start their careers. The UCPC works in tandem with the National Press Clubs and is privy to some of their best addresses throughout the year. Other opportunities with this club include award-winning industry trips, social events and activities, as well as industry meet-and-greets. This year those who sign up will receive a free UCPC drink bottle. What’s not to love about that?!

Joining fees: $10/year or $25 for three years

UC Writers: UC writers is pitched at writers, helping UC’s creatives promote their writing regardless of the form it comes in.  The society offers opportunities such as writing workshops, regular writing groups, news and promotions for Canberra-based writing events, bookstalls, and much more.

Cultural Clubs:

MYUCISS: This society, with the help of the UC International department, aims to provide support to all international students. Its main focus is on unifying students from an array of different backgrounds through their many events and initiatives.

UC-CSSA: The UC Chinese Students and Scholars Association is aimed at Chinese students and scholars at UC. It is a formal student association organised under the administration of the Chinese Embassy in Australia. It is a non-profit, non-political and non-religious organisation. Their aim is to promote Chinese culture and language in Australian and provide students with an enhanced curricular life. Opportunities with this club include social and cultural events and activities, language workshops and recreational trips.

Joining fee: $5/semester

UCFILSOC: The UC Filipino Society aims to develop and promote friendship and unity between Filipino students at UC. The club promotes cultural diversity within the university and the community through events that showcase Filipino culture and participation in multicultural events such as interstate trips.

UCISS: The UC Indonesian Society is a branch of Perhimpunan Pelajar Australia (PPIA) and is a student association that focuses itself on developing the relationships between Indonesian students and various Indonesian communities within the ACT region. The club sees itself as a platform that accommodates ideas, inspiration and aspiration of Indonesian minds through its many opportunities.

Joining fee: $5/year

UC Japan Club: The UC Japan Club promotes the understanding of Japanese cultures and acts as a platform for like-minded people to locate and interact with each other through social and cultural events and language, communication and cultural classes.

UC Korean Society: This society aims to share Korean culture through the opportunities is provides. This includes the opportunity to learn Korean and experience Korean culture.

UC Nesian Society: This club brings a Pacific presence to UC! The society is open for all, providing the opportunity to learn about Pacific Islander peoples. For Pacific Islanders specifically, it offers a platform to appreciate their ethnicity and uniqueness in Australia. Another strong theme of this club is bringing attention to the issues affecting the Pacific Island region.

UC Thai Student Club: The Thai Student’s club offers a community within UC of students interested in Thai culture. Not only this, but the club also supports Thai students by helping them to adjust to living and studying abroad, while promoting Thai culture to the UC community.

UCVSS: The Vietnamese Student Association brings both current students and Vietnamese alumni together at UC. Their aim (apart from providing market day with some pretty spectacular traditional cuisine) is to support its members in their studies, careers and life.

Social Clubs:

Amnesty: UC Amnesty is a branch of Amnesty International and is for all students and staff members who are passionate about Amnesty’s campaigns and visions. The society’s aim is to provide members with relevant and accurate information within the field of human rights and provide an opportunity for activists to campaign for Amnesty International within the UC community. The opportunities this club provides include rallying and campaigning, community engagement, social events and activities and the chance to be a part of their committee.

College of Saint Andronicus: This society is not for the faint of heart — it’s for those who love Medieval Recreation! This society is a branch of the international organisation Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) and is dedicating to researching and recreating the arts, skills and tradition of the pre-17th century. They study and practice a variety of activities, including combat, costuming, cooking, metalwork, armouring, woodworking, music, dance, calligraphy, fiber arts, and a whole lot more!

ENACTUS: Enactus is part of a global student-led organisation bringing together business leaders and students with the purpose of enabling progress through action. Members of Enactus are involved in projects which are designed to create social change and improve the lives of others. Other opportunities with this society include fundraisers, community projects, social events and activities.

FoCUS: FoCUS is an open group for anyone. No matter which church background you come from (or don’t) FoCUS is all-inclusive. The society is committed to coming together to read, teach and learn from the Bible and is associated with the Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students (AFES).

GenLife UC: The three focuses of this society are Christ, Community and Culture as they are the young adults of Life City Church. Their aim is to empower young people and their members within the UC community, while celebrating cultures from all over the world. GenLife offers a range of activities including interstate trips and on-campus Church.

SECCS: The Student Events and Campus Community Society or SECCS is set up purely to run awesome events that cater to everyone’s interests. The society aims to get the best possible deals for it’s members, such as free entry to venues in Canberra as well as some pretty good drink deals. Over the course of the year, they offer a range of different events, including fundraisers for various causes and charities, providing the perfect chance to meet new people. A SECCS membership also gets you some pretty good deals across campus, including discounted coffee! Keep an eye out for the stall covered in blue and pink this market day.

Joining fee: $20/year

USCLSC: The UC Canberra Labor Students’ Club might be the group for you. This club strives to create a place for political discussion, debate and engagement within the UC community, and especially among students who subscribe to the core Labor political values of equality, fairness and social justice. The society also gives you the opportunity of visiting parliament.

Joining fee: $5/year

UCLS: Still up for political debate but of a different kind? The University of Canberra Liberal Society might be for you. This society strives to promote Liberal Democratic values, networking with similar minded people within the UC community and the empowerment of young students in politics.

UC UNSS: The UC United Nations Student Society is a club dedicated to networking and skills development. They host a range of events and opportunities from international events, to casual weekly meetings, networking nights and even the sending of delegations.

UCREC: Looking for a way to unleash some of the pent up stress from studying? Why not join the UC Recreation and Entertainment Club? This club brings gamers of every kind together. Whether it be video games, board games, card games or even role-play, there’s something for you here. If you’re a gamer, then this is the society for you. Uni doesn’t need to be all hard work!

UC RAC: The UC Refugee Action Club is a network of concerned citizens from around the country who are passionate about fighting for the fair and human treatment of refugees in Australia. The club is a branch of the Canberra Refugee Action Committee, and they have regular events encouraging awareness of the issues as well as fundraising events, vigils and rallies.

Joining fee: $5/year

Rainbow UC: Rainbow UC is focused solely on creating fun, supportive and understanding social networks and communities for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer, InterSex, Asexual, Questioning persons and their Allies. This club offers a great opportunity for a sense of community within UC.

Joining fee: $5/year

Rotaract UC: Rotaract of University of Canberra is part of a global organisation empowering students and young professionals to create positive change in their local communities and around the world. This society offers unique opportunities, such as inspirational and motivational guest talks, that assist members in becoming the business and professional leaders of tomorrow. Those signing up get a free members t-shirt and an official name badge all included in their membership price!

Joining fee: $10/year

UC Sustainability Club: Perhaps the newest club to hit the UC scene, the Sustainability Club is focused on increasing awareness about how to live sustainably. Their very first Market Day will be this Wednesday, so it’s worth dropping by their stall to say hello! The only thing to remember is that this particular stall will be at The Well, not the Refectory.

Market Day will be held this Wednesday from 10-3 in the UC Refectory.