So you have spent the last financial year working, and if anyone asks – you worked hard! Stretching your pay from a minimum wage job, even with a bit of help from mum and dad, or Centrelink, was no easy task. Finally, what wasn’t taken by bills and food, was snatched up by tax. Luckily, you’ll be getting most, if not all of that back. Here are some of the top ways to spend your newly acquired dosh.

Dinner Date with Mates

Canberra truly has some hidden gems, particularly in terms of it’s culinary establishments. If you’ve been secretly wanting to try some of the fancier establishments now’s your chance. Strike while your bank account is full. To get you salivating, and narrow down the list, check out some suggestions here and here

Use Your Head

This may not be the fun option, but if you’re usually cash-strapped when the start of semester rolls around put some of it aside to pay for textbooks and other uni needs. If maybe you need a new lappie for assignments, or something to get around campus, this is definitely the smartest option. That being said, if you would rather shop with your heart, the Co-Op now offers payment plans!


Your tax return may not get you somewhere very far or exotic, but sometimes the best memories are made not too far from home. Jump online and find a student friendly beach house, pile some mates in the back of a car and enjoy the good times before Semester Two starts up.

Become the Next Malcolm or Lucy Turnbull

They didn’t become some of Australia’s richest people by blowing all their money on shoes and booze. Go speak to your bank about opening a high interest savings account, with a few control measures put on it, to stop you from spending everything in one go. Wait until you’ve accumulated a reasonable amount through the interest, or top it up occasionally and spend your easy earnings on something big, like a deposit on a brand new car or a holiday. If you’re with Commbank, go speak to a staff member in their Uni branch, downstairs in the hub.

Hit the Sales

The toughest part of being a student isn’t the long work hours, the 9am lectures or group assignments; it’s doing all these things without being able to have the lifestyle that makes it worthwhile. Thankfully, a lot of brands offer student discounts, so hit the end of season sales and rack up some serious savings! Grab that game, dress or computer you’ve been pining over all semester <3

While money can’t technically buy you happiness, it can buy you a whole lot of things that will make you feel happier. And while we have the money, it’s close enough for us.

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Imogen is self confessed instagram addict, with an extensive make-up collection. When she isn’t busy pretending to be Gordon Ramsay, she pretends to have done the readings for her Communications degree. To find more of her ramblings, check Out In Canberra or Weekend Notes, and of course instagram @_naughtykorea.

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