So you have entered the New Year with the intention of finally making this the year where you get your shit together.

You want to finally get a move on with your career, become really fit, eat super clean, get a 6.5 gpa, earn some big dollars (and save them) and go travelling.

All of these things you want to achieve as soon as possible and you have written a plan which may look something like this –

  • Going for a 10k run everyday
  • Work 40 hours a week
  • Study 40 hours a week
  • Go to ten new countries
  • Give up gluten, sugar, alcohol, caffeine (live no life)

Just looking at this list is overwhelming and taking measures to achieve all of this is a monstrous task. By February, you may be feeling drained and lose all determination and instead of getting your shit together the opposite happens.

Trying to achieve everything at once is a difficult feat and it is much better to take a simplistic approach.

The following is a list of simple things you can do this year that will help you get your shit together.


Develop a morning routine 

The old saying “did you get out of the wrong side of the bed this morning?” has some truth to it. Morning’s set a precedent for the rest of your day and nothing helps more than taking control of this time of the day. Studies show morning routine’s are great for one’s overall health and wellbeing. When developing your morning routine you can include anything you like – read a book, do some exercise, drink some water or enjoy a cup of coffee. However, it is recommended you should not check your phone first thing in the morning .

If you need some inspiration check out this list – The morning routines of most successful people



Everyday get rid of something which is of no use to you anymore. This could be something as simple as a brochure somebody gave you on market day or it could be your beloved cardigan which has fallen to bits – you never wear it anymore but you keep it for the sake of keeping it. Having too much stuff can become overwhelming as you start to declutter you may find your mind will declutter as well.


Set up scheduled payments for all bills 


So your phone bill was due on the 3rd of the month but it is now the 4th and you completely forgot to pay it because you were finishing your 3000-word essay and you have now incurred a late fee.

This is a situation I am sure everybody has faced and the best way around this is to set up scheduled payments for all of your bills – rent, phone bill, electricity, car insurance etc. Not only will you never forget to pay your bills but you will no longer experience that heart breaking moment of transferring ninety percent of your money out of your account.


Use the Pomodoro Technique

The Pomodoro Technique is a simple time-management technique which helps with studying. Basically, you work on a task for twenty-five minutes and then have a five minute break, after doing this four times you reward yourself with a twenty-five minute break. This is such a great technique for discipline and also helps in eliminating burnout because you do get a lot of breaks. Just make sure you work in those twenty-five minutes and don’t check social media!

You can find a number of pomodoro timer apps or use this online one.


Have a healthy breakfast everyday 

This tip is one of the most annoyingly common so I apologise for its inclusion here but to be frank it is really helpful. Eating a really healthy and nutritious breakfast will give you energy for the whole day meaning you will be able to get shit done. Much like the morning routine it means you have set yourself on the right track for the day and if you do end up eating something unhealthy at least your basis wasn’t too bad.


Back up everything 

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The robot overlord of technology is a cruel creature who likes to crash one’s computer the night before a major research report is due leaving the owner is a dismal pit of despair. Whilst it can be time consuming to back everything up it is far better than losing everything. Every time you press save also save it on a USB or Dropbox.

It is also important to back up all your photos and other documents. Set aside a time each week – it should only take about 15 minutes – where you back up everything on to a hard drive or a cloud software system.


Rank your goals 

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One Sunday afternoon, sit down with a cup of tea and all of your goals and rank them. Choose your main priority for the year – for example getting a 6.5 gpa – and plan how you will do that. Once you have determined that, when other priorities become overwhelming you can push them to the side and focus all of your attention on your primary goal.


Call your friends to plan stuff 


So you and your friend Emily have been making plans to see each other over text and you have been messaging back and forth for the past hour trying to determine a time when you are both free to catch up. This is stressful and time consuming and often it doesn’t even result in a meeting. One simple way to change this is by calling each other (so 2001 right?). You will be able to determine a suitable time much quicker. If you are both busy and unable to catch up at least you can have a good chat on the phone.



Buy a disposable coffee cup and always use recyclable bags  

It’s better for the environment, you’ll feel more responsible – win, win.


About The Author


Lucy Bladen is the former editor of Curieux and is studying Journalism and International Studies. She thrives on coffee, digs wine and would happily choose food over love any day. She hopes to one day be a foreign correspondent.

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