Surely, you’ve heard of Pokémon Go? The highly anticipated mobile app was released on July 6, 2016 in Australia and the US. Almost everyone is going bananas about it. It’s viral, on the news, and there are even memes about it. So don’t lie if you said you haven’t heard stories about it.

poke1Basically, Pokémon Go uses the GPS and clock of your phone to determine when and where you are in the game then make Pokémon pop up around you (and by ‘around you’ I mean your phone screen). Different kinds of Pokémon show up depending on where you are and what time it is. They can literally pop up anywhere, like in your toilet, your classroom, or even in your shower!

My favourite feature from this app is the fact that it makes you go outside and search for Pokémon in real life. It pretty much forces you to get up and possibly meet other trainers to befriend. So, if you’re lazy like me, Pokémon Go is great motivation to get out and about! The game essentially emulates what it would be like if Pokémon really were wandering around you. They are ready to be caught, collected and trained. Let’s not ignore that many original Pokémon fans are now grown adults, the app’s idea has the additional benefit of hitting a sweet spot of childhood nostalgia, boosting its popularity.

poke2When you first start, it may be a little confusing but it is pretty simple. You can either sign in or register with a google account. Customise your character, choose your starting Pokémon and username. Afterwards, you walk around in search for more Pokémon. Capturing one gives you experience points and candy to level up your Pokémon. Pokéstops gives you EXP, pokéballs, eggs and more! So be sure to loot it when you find one. Then you’re off to capturing gyms and defeating other players.

But is this game all that it seems to be? Since the game’s release, not only has it brought joy to the players but trouble as well. Criminals have been using the app to rob people. There is an item in the game called a “Lure Module”. It basically attracts Pokémon to a Pokéstop for 30 minutes. Other people around the Pokéstop can also benefit from this effect. This effect would definitely lure people into the Pokéstop if they want to capture more Pokémon. So be careful if you are going to Pokéstops located in a shady area. Other players have also been hit by cars, have fallen into a ditch and have had numerous other injuries from playing this app. But is it really the app’s fault? Well, it is basic logic to look at where you’re going. You can’t really blame the game for that. So as fun as this app is, don’t get too absorbed into the game. A lot of fatalities and car crashes have been reported. Never take your eyes off the road to all those drivers out there! It’s only logical to do so, you’re not only endangering your own life but others.

So what do you think of this mobile game sensation? It it really a marvel or a nuisance?