Over winter, Curieux will be publishing a series of profiles aimed at introducing your new UCSRC committee. Previously, we introduced you to the new Vice President and Media Officer, Amannda Huot. This week, we caught up with Courtney Green, your new Women’s Officer and the UCSRC Secretary.

Get to know Courtney below…

I’m Courtney, and I will be the student representative for Business, Government and Law, as well as the Secretary and Women’s Officer of the Student Representative Council. 

This is my fourth and final year studying a double degree in a Bachelor of Politics and International Relations and Communications in Journalism majoring in National Security.

I nominated for the SRC because I wanted to make a difference and a contribution to the University of Canberra. As someone who is passionate about gender equality, the role of the women’s officer appealed to me greatly. I have been to Parliament House as a youth activist advocating for gender equality, speaking to the Foreign Minister on numerous occasions about the matter and even got the chance to meet the Prime Minister.

As well as being passionate about gender equality, I also care about the environment and I’m a massive animal lover. My favourite type of animal is a bear, and I often enjoy listing off all eight types that to people.

What I hope to get out of my roles in the SRC is to make UC a safe and equal campus. I take my roles seriously and encourage anyone to reach out to me.

What would you like to achieve this year as the UCSRC Women’s Officer and Secretary?

Overall I want the SRC to be something that all students know about and can turn to. I want women to feel safe on campus, and know there is a safe place for them in the Women’s Room, which I encourage the women at UC to check out.

When you nominated, did you already know you wanted to be the Women’s Officer? If so, why?

Absolutely! I nominated myself to be a part of the SRC because I was afraid that with the new system that was designed was only going to be faculty reps and I thought it was crucial that there was someone on the council advocating for women.

You’re already pretty involved in gender equality advocacy outside of university – can you tell us about some of your other experiences in this area? Do you think these will help you better fulfil your role within the UCSRC?

I’ve worked with Plan International Australia on a few occasions where I’ve been advocating for gender equality. I went to Parliament House and the ACT Legislative Assemble for International Day of the Girl Child last year and got to take over the role of some politicians, which was pretty cool.

I also volunteered this year at UC for International Women’s Day. Basically, the more I do the more I realise how much more there is to be done in fighting for gender equality and advocating for women’s right. I think these things gave me the passions and the drive the be the best Women’s Officer that I can be.

Moving away from the UCSRC, tell us a bit more about who you are personally. What are your favourite things to do?

That’s a good a question and when I find myself I’ll let you know. On a generic note though, I’m from Perth and some of my favourite things to do are sleeping, eating and travelling.

Your bio says that you enjoy listing off all eight types of bears to people. Go for it.

American Black Bear, Asiatic Black Bear, Brown Bear, Sun Bear, Panda Bear, Sloth Bear, Spectacled Bear, and Polar Bear. *drops mic and walks away*

Contact Courtney Green about UCSRC matters via Courtney.Green@canberra.edu.au

About The Author

Alyssia Tennant

Alyssia is studying an Honours degree and has a Bachelor of Journalism with a major in Social and Digital Campaigning. She is especially interested in animal welfare and sustainability. She has previously worked as a Sub-Editor for BMA Magazine, and as a Producer and News Presenter for Radio Adelaide. Her work has also been published in Right Now Inc., BMA Magazine, HerCanberra, and Feminartsy, among others. In 2017, she was lucky enough to be one of five journalism students who visited the Middle East as part of a study tour.

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