Over winter, Curieux will be publishing a series of profiles aimed at introducing your new UCSRC committee. Last week, we introduced you to the UCSRC President, Nathan de Meillon. Up next, get to know the new Vice President and Media Officer, Amannda Huot!

Get to know Amannda below…

Hello, my name is Amannda! (Yes, with 2 n’s). During 2018, I will be your Vice President, Media Officer and Representative for the Faculty of Arts and Design. I am delighted to have been nominated for these roles and am eager to facilitate and enact positive changes for UC’s students and community.

I am currently a 2nd year Industrial Design student, and have thoroughly enjoyed my time doing such a unique degree and the diversity of prospective career avenues it provides. As a budding industrial designer, my passions for design, sustainability and sociology can meld harmoniously together as one. I am also addicted to Oscar’s baked goods.

My personal SRC goal for the rest of 2018 is to bring student awareness levels up on what current services UC provides for its students. From academic services, to health and welfare, travel opportunities and career advancement, UC offers a wide scope of support networks. I have firsthand experience seeing the immense benefits these support networks can provide. I am privileged to have recently experienced America, along with Silicon Valley and a stint at Stanford University in conjunction with a UC scholarship.

I hope to be familiar voice and friendly figure for the students of UC and be able to successfully collaborate together on pressing issues that need to be resolved. Don’t be afraid to give me a holla at Amannda.Huot@canberra.edu.auto have a chat and we can go to Oscar’s together!

Let’s start by getting to know you a little bit better – what’s one thing you want students at the University of Canberra to know about you?

Even though I was born in Sydney, I am a real Canberra girl at heart! I truly think that Canberra is a beautiful place to live – nothing beats those changing Autumn leaves that line the streets of old suburbs. I am also well-versed in the Canberra bakery scene – eating wise, that is!

What do you want to get out of this year being a part of the UCSRC?

As a general goal, I want this year’s cohort of UCSRC to be known by the students, faculty and community by the end of our tenure as having achieved real, tangible and favourable outcomes in terms of increasing student engagement and awareness of UC’s services to provide the best possible university experience. As a whole, what I want out of my position is to ensure that students needs are being met, whether that be through advocacy, events or campaign work. 

How do you think your own student experience will inform the way that you work within the UCSRC?

As a design student I hope to impart the fundamentals of design thinking and creativity wherever possible! Design can be seen everywhere and impacts how we interact with each other and the outside world. Design cannot exist as a single entity and is instead reliant on multidisciplinary areas and a strong collaborative force behind it for it to succeed which will form my work within the UCSRC.

Can you tell us a bit about your role as the Media Officer? How will this role help bridge gaps between students at UC and the UC community more broadly?

As the Media Officer, I understand I have an important role to fill, as we experience a shift in how students are wanting to interact with university publications. I want students to be able to have alternative forms of receiving current and future UC information  – updated to be suited for a strong multi-media social media presence. I want Curieux, our online student magazine, to truly embody its maxim of being “By UC Students, For UC Students”. We have all heard it time and time again, how we are strengthened by our diversity and our individual stories should have a platform with a strong backing for them to be supported by and celebrated. 

And one last question for fun – what’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

Climbing over an overpass at midnight to get “the shot” – photographers will know what I’m talking about.

Contact Amannda Huot about UCSRC matters via Amannda.Huot@canberra.edu.au

About The Author

Alyssia Tennant

Alyssia is studying an Honours degree and has a Bachelor of Journalism with a major in Social and Digital Campaigning. She is especially interested in animal welfare and sustainability. She has previously worked as a Sub-Editor for BMA Magazine, and as a Producer and News Presenter for Radio Adelaide. Her work has also been published in Right Now Inc., BMA Magazine, HerCanberra, and Feminartsy, among others. In 2017, she was lucky enough to be one of five journalism students who visited the Middle East as part of a study tour.

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