A recent study found the majority of Australian University and TAFE students are suffering from depression, anxiety and stress related issues.

The survey conducted by headspace shows that over 80 percent of students suffer from stress. The study also showed 50 to 70 percent suffer from symptoms closely associated with anxiety and depression such as “anxiousness, low mood, panic, trouble sleeping, and feelings of hopelessness/worthlessness.”

A university counselor – who wished to remain unidentified – suggested this is likely caused by issues of poor time management, combined with the fact most students are between 18-15 and are still adjusting to their recent entry into adulthood.

“Most of the students having these problems are kids just out of school, and they are trying to find the time to study while having to work, socialise, and get used to their new role as adults,” the counselor said.

The headspace report also supports these theories, as well as adding students are also often going through some financial struggles, as well as using drugs and alcohol to cope with the stresses of university and adult life.

The counselor suggested a few healthier ways to cope with and manage this new found stress, stating:

“They just need to get used to finding that balance, and not trying to take on everything at once. Creating a schedule and allocating time for everything is important, and you need to take the time to talk to someone, as well as to just enjoy your hobbies and self care to keep yourself sane.”

If you or anyone you know is suffering from these issues, reach out and talk to someone. You can contact the University of Canberra counselling service and organise an appointment. Alternatively, you can call: