Over the past few days, we have introduced to you many talented humans of the 2019 UCSRC crew.

Today, we have Zachariah Johnston and Hamish Jackson – your elected Sports Officers. Not only are they active and athletic, but they are passionate about creating positive changes to the UC community. Let’s see what they have in store for us.

Zachariah Johnston 

Zachariah Johnston  – Faculty of Heath representative, Sports Officer, UC Student Ambassador and avid ice hockey fan.

Zachariah (Zach), is your elected Faculty of Health representative and one of two Sports Officers. Zach nominated for UCSRC to give a strong voice to FoH students and advocate for better student services. His goal is to maximise values added for students through smart, targeted allocation of SSAF revenue. Specifically, he aims to work with UC to increase student academic support. He also wishes to deepen inclusiveness through community events, so as to drive students’ sense of belonging and connectedness.

Zach is enrolled in a double degree – Sports and Exercise Science and Human Nutrition. He hopes to secure work with either the Australian Institute of Sport or ACT Academy of Sport upon completion of his studies. His passion lies in the development of Australia’s elite athletes’ programs and physiological health and strength. He is also interested in community health programs and advancing education on preventable diseases through diet and exercise.

Zach is a UC Student Ambassador and is involved in UC’s study abroad program. In his spare time, Zach is either at the gym or at the coast. He is a huge fan of ice hockey and an avid supporter of the Montreal Canadiens based in Quebec, Canada.

Zach is keen to listen to ideas and opinions on how to improve your student life. So feel free to send him an email at Zachariah.Johnston@canberra.edu.au.

Hamish Jackson 

Hamish Jackson – Faculty of Education student representative, Sports Officer, native of Canberra and gourmand.

Hamish is your elected Faculty of Education member on UCSRC and one of two UCSRC Sports Officers. Hamish nominated for UCSRC to become more involved in the University and hopefully provide a positive and inclusive experience for his peers. He is a third year Bachelor of Primary Education student. 

When he’s not studying or participating in UCSRC activities, Hamish is fulfilling his role as Vice President of the UC Education Club – UC’s official academic society for the Education Faculty or working with first year Education students as a part of the Semester 1 2019 Peer Mentoring Team; providing support and guidance with their transition into university life. 

Hamish also works as a swim instructor, specialising in teaching children with physical or intellectual disabilities. He is passionate about equity, empowerment and social justice in education, and the role teachers play in adapting to the individual needs of their students. 

Hamish is very much a Canberra local. He was born in Canberra and grew up about a five-minute drive from the UC campus. Hamish’s goal is to teach in remote or rural communities. 

And after all that, Hamish has spare time. He plays basketball, swims, writes, plays videogames and eats – a lot. 

A recent highlight of his is having the incredible experience of studying in Hong Kong for six months in 2018, at the Education University of Hong Kong! 

If you wish to get in touch with Hamish about UCSRC matters, just send him an email at Hamish.Jackson@canberra.edu.au.

You can also contact the UCSRC team via their emails at ucsrc@canberra.edu.au or student.advocacy@canberra.edu.au.