Hello and thanks for tuning in to Humans of 2019 UCSRC –
the profile series introducing your UCSRC committee members. Yesterday, we introduced you to Caroline and Kieran – UCSRC postgraduate and undergraduate student representatives.

Today we’re excited to present our next two talented humans – Dinesh and Christina. Let’s go!

Dinesh Kumar 

Dinesh Kumar – UC Academic Board and UCSRC postgraduate student member, PhD candidate, former academic and world traveler.

Dinesh is your postgraduate student member on the UC Academic Board, making him a member of UCSRC. Before coming to Australia, Dinesh was a lecturer at the University of the South Pacific in Fiji. He is undertaking a PhD within the Faculty of Science and Technology. His research focuses on the area of Computer Vision.

Transitioning from academic to student gives Dinesh a clear understanding of the expectations of both sides on matters including teaching, research and educational programs. He believes in strong student representation to ensure proper reviews and decisions on course changes, course integrity, academic standards and teaching quality. This also applies to policies affecting research, assessment and admissions.

Dinesh draws on his challenges as a student to constructively influence outcomes for the betterment and welfare of all UC’s students.

Upon completion of his PhD, Dinesh will return to his academic life in Fiji. He has a passion for travel, the natural world and architectural history. Dinesh is also interested in the diversity of sustainable communities in challenging environments and the cultural influences on those populations. His spare time is consumed by reading scholarly research papers and an occasional walk in the park.

Dinesh is quite a high achiever. He is the Gold Medal Winner, achieved for delivering the best Master’s Research Thesis. Earlier this year, Dinesh travelled to Prague, Czech Republic to present a paper to GRAPP 2019 – 14th International Conference on Computer Graphics Theory and Applications (INS) AS. GRAPP is a major point of contact between researchers, engineers and practitioners in Computer Graphics. Dinesh’s paper focused on enhancing pseudo models that can be used to better generate human facial expressions.

If you want to get in touch with Dinesh regarding the academic matters for postgraduate students, you can email him at Dinesh.Kumar@canberra.edu.au.

Christina Starr 

Christina Starr – UC Academic Board and UCSRC undergraduate student member, Women’s Officer, hardworking teacher and supermom.

Christina is your undergraduate student member on the UC Academic Board and as such, she is also a member of UCSRC. She is also one of three Student Appeals Committee (SAC) Officers. Christina is keen to improve communications between the University and its students. Christina is elated at being elected to the role of Women’s Officer within the UCSRC. She is also a nominated representative on the UC Ally Network and RNA Committee and strives for all people to be better humans. Christina is mindful that everyone has a story, everyone has had hardships. She believes that as a community we need to gain a better perspective on who we are and how powerful our actions can be.

Christina is pursuing a Bachelor of Education (STEM), specialising in STEM which has already landed her a job designing Education Programs for a radio telescope. Go Christina! She would also like to complete a Master’s degree in the future.

Originally from Griffith, NSW, Christina grew up on a farm, driving tractors, riding four-wheelers and had sheep for pets. Apart from being a teacher, she enjoys the work at Molonglo Observatory and would like to continue on there.

With a young family, study, maintaining a fabulous GPA, work and UCSRC, life is hectic but fulfilling for Christina. She wishes to join a mountaineering group and climb Mt Cook soon. Talk about being energetic!

You can contact Christina for matters relating to undergraduate academic matters and women’s empowerment via her email at Christina.Starr@canberra.edu.au.

If you wish to speak to the UCSRC team, you can also email at ucsrc@canberra.edu.au or student.advocacy@canberra.edu.au.