Over the last few days, the series ‘Humans of 2019 UCSRC’ has introduced many talented members of the 2019 UCSRC crew.

It’s sad to say that today is the season finale. But fear not, it’s going to end on a high note. Let’s meet our last but not least member – Carolina. Read on below and find out all about her.

Carolina Otero Lopez 

Carolina is your elected International Student Representative on the UCSRC. She is also one of two Events Officers and the Media Officer. She aims to provide proper representation for our international student cohort.

As a native of Mexico, Carolina believes that effective cross-cultural communication is vital in enabling trust and cooperation in an increasingly transnational world. Carolina has worked as a creative and public relations professional at one of Latin America’s largest TV content developers and broadcasters. She has a journalism degree from the Queensland University of Technology and is in her final year of the Master of Communications at the UC.  

Besides her membership of UCSRC, Carolina is a Research Assistant in the Faculty of Arts & Design. She also works as a Student Services Officer in Student Central, providing much-needed support to our students. These experiences have given Carolina a better understanding of matters impact students and how to develop strategies to address them.

As a VETASSES-accredited copywriter, Carolina is currently working as part of UC’s Digital Student Journey (DSJ) team.

If you wish to speak to Carolina about UCSRC matters, please send her an email at Carolina.OteroLopez@canberra.edu.au.

You can also contact the UCSRC team at ucsrc@canberra.edu.au or student.advocacy@canberra.edu.au.