With the momentum gained in 2018, the 2019 UCSRC committee is in fantastic shapes with tons of great ideas to enhance your student life and experience at the University of Canberra. So, let’s get to know them and their plans for the year. Over the next few days, Curieux will be publishing a series of profiles aimed at introducing your elected 2019 UCSRC committee.  

First up, we have Amannda Huot and Katherine Jefferies – your UCSRC President and Vice-president.  

Amannda Huot 

Amannda Huot – 2019 UCSRC President, FAD student representative, Curieux Liaison Officer, Advocacy Coordinator and a multifaceted human.

Amannda is quite a superstar with many different roles. Besides being your elected Faculty of Arts and Design member on UCSRC, her roles include being the President of UCSRC, Curieux Liaison Officer and Advocacy Coordinator. She sometimes shares the role of Advocacy Officer when required. Amannda is one of two 2018 UCSRC members re-elected in 2019. 

Amannda served as UCSRC President in the latter part of 2018 and was nominated by her peers and endorsed unopposed this year. Her vision for UCSRC is to see it continue to positively influence levels of student engagement and enhancement of academic, health and welfare services, widening of support networks and career pathways.  

Building on the foundations laid by the inaugural UCSRC last year and with lessons learnt in-mind, Amannda feels an exponential increase in positive outcomes for UC students as a real possibility in 2019 and beyond. These outcomes will come from the strong relationships forged between UCSRC, UC Life and the broader UC community. Amannda and the other members of UCSRC are adamant and they will not shy away from difficult conversations around matters facing students.  

Amannda is in her third year of her Industrial Design course. As a budding industrial designer, she has a passion for design, sustainability and sociology and how they can combine harmoniously for the greater good. She’d like to see Curieux, our online student magazine, to truly embody its maxim of being “By UC Students, For UC Students”. We have all heard it time and time again, how we are strengthened by our diversity and our individual stories should have a platform with strong backing for them to be supported by and celebrated.  

Amannda’s amiable persona is just a façade for what lies beneath. She is a passionate advocate and ultra-talented human, the UCSRC poster-guru, a risk-taking photographer (she once climbed an overpass at midnight to get “the shot”), an Oscar’s baked goods addict, an adventurer, a Stanford University Fellow (the first UC student to participate in the Innovation Fellows Program at Stanford’s Hasso Plattner Institute of Design), a collaborator, a human-rights activist, a campaigner (especially when donuts or cupcakes are involved), a design thinker and a doer! 

Amannda’d love to assist you with any concerns relating to UCSRC and student experience. You can reach her via email at Amannda.Huot@canberra.edu.au.

Katherine Jefferies  

Katherine Jefferies – 2019 UCSRC Vice-President, Faculty of Business, Government and Law student representative and future lawyer.

Katherine is your elected Faculty of Business, Government and Law representative on UCSRC and she is also an executive member of UCSRC, having been elected to the role of Vice-President. Katherine is nominated for UCSRC to facilitate the voices of minority groups and hopefully build greater support for their needs.  

Being from rural New South Wales herself, Katherine has a strong affinity with students from rural backgrounds and hopes to work collaboratively with UC to provide greater access and additional assistance for rural and regional students. 

Katherine is a third year Bachelor of Laws/ Bachelor of Business (Management) double degree student and hopes to be a practising Lawyer by mid-2022. Katherine also works in UC’s Legal Office as a Paralegal and is also part of the Widening Participation group that focusses on working with rural and regional schools in providing education to students about tertiary education and careers.  

In recent years Katherine has represented the Riverina in the NSW Youth Parliament (2015) and was elected the Member for Regional NSW where she was given the opportunity to speak at the Legislative Assembly about issues affecting country NSW and her local region. 

In 2016, Katherine partnered with Mark Latham and won a charity debate to raise money for palliative care in Riverina hospitals. She is quite the local sports start in her home town of Wagga Wagga, having played representative softball and soccer. 

These days, outside of work, most of her time is taken up with UCSRC activities and Ultimate Frisbee but she also makes time for cooking, playing social softball and spending time with family back home.  

If you have anything you feel Katherine could assist with, she’d be keen to hear from you. Her email is Katherine.Jefferies@canberra.edu.au.

You can also get in touch with the UCSRC team via email at ucsrc@canberra.edu.au. or student.advocacy@canberra.edu.au.