If you’re looking for something to complement your study, join one of the 60 clubs and societies available through UC Life. It’s a chance to meet like-minded individuals with similar interests and create a new group of friends.

Campus Life Coordinators Megan Rodd and Emily Flint have front row seats to what happens in and around UC and are your go-to persons when finding out about on-campus events or even clubs.

“Campus life is about engaging with students and enhancing their experience through different events throughout the year; like O-Week, with free BBQ’s, Octoberfest and trivia nights. Then there’s live music and then there’s clubs and societies,” Megan says.

“We run all the clubs and societies and provide resources and services; such as funding and support, promotion.”

There are a range of clubs available for you to choose from; whether it’s a Sports Club, Academic Club or Social and Cultural Club, there’s bound to be a club that suits your interests.

“We encourage academic clubs to market themselves as a professional development to go along with your degree. Even with social and cultural clubs, it’s something where people can meet like-minded people and create potentially life-long friendships,” Emily says.

UC Life runs activities on-campus that doesn’t deal with the books and pens. From campus life, engaging with students and enhancing their university experiences through market days, competitions and giveaways, as well as annual club awards, to live music that happen throughout campus locations, to the clubs and societies on campus.

Be sure to check the clubs out and check out UC Life’s Facebook page for regular updates, or their events calendar for upcoming activities.