Australian indie folk singer Xavier Rudd radiated an infectious summer vibe during the first leg of his Storm Boy National tour at the UC Refectory last Thursday, August 2nd.

Rudd came to Canberra to warm up his audience, an intention made clear by entering the stage dressed in a singlet, seemingly oblivious to the temperature approaching zero outside.

The set began with ‘Honeymoon Bay’, a beach anthem that Canberrans will no doubt play on repeat during their annual road trip to the South Coast this summer.

The track listing included many hits from the new album Storm Boy, including the title track, ‘Walk Away’ and ‘Times Like These’.

But it was the old classics, including ‘Come Let Go’ and ‘Follow the Sun’, that received the strongest reception from the crowd.

Xavier Rudd performs at UC Refectory. Photo: Nathan Schmidt for Curieux.

In between songs, Rudd articulated a careful message for his audience. He raised awareness of some of the key problems facing our society, particularly regarding Indigenous and environmental issues.

This powerful message was intertwined with hope for the future, encouraging the crowd to remember “there is some good in the world’” and that change for the better is always possible.

Not to be forgotten was Rudd’s outstanding instrumental ability, showcased through electrifying didgeridoo and chilled-out acoustic guitar solos.

The night concluded with a long and slow rendition of ‘Spirit Bird’, which made many eyes water.

It capped off a stunning performance which filled the audience with hope that the cold days of winter will soon be replaced by the radiant vibes of the hot summer sun.

The rest of Xavier Rudd’s Australian tour dates can be found on his website, here. For upcoming shows at the UC Refectory, check out UC Life’s Facebook page