Australian hip hop group the Thundamentals did not disappoint crowds on Friday night, the 1st of June, bringing a new level of energy and passion to the UC Refectory.

Performing to a sold-out crowd, the Thundamentals added another success to their Decade of the Thundakat regional tour in honour of their 10th anniversary. The tour has seen Thundamentals take their live show across twenty-four locations in 2018, showing their audience that, despite the years, they still haven’t lost their touch, or their message.

The night kicked off with a fantastic display of up-and-coming acts, including Adrian Eagle and B Wise who proved undoubtedly that Australia should ‘watch this space’ through some powerful and crowd-moving music. It was the perfect lead up to what was to come.

Hailing from the Blue Mountains, the Thundamentals, led by Jeswon (Jesse Ferris) and Tuka (Brendan Tuckerman), performed with the ecstatic energy they have become so known well for.

Despite the release of their latest album Everyone We Know in early 2017, the Thundamentals still made use of some of their classic anthems like ‘Quit Your Job, Smiles Don’t Lie’ and their 2012 Like a Version ‘Brother’, which has had over three and a half million views on Youtube.

These anthems followed by their more recent hits like ‘Sally’, which came in at number eight in triple j’s 2017 Hottest 100,  showed the group’s flexibility and versatility in performing positive, outgoing and dance-worthy tunes as well as introspective and thoughtful songs.

The rap group’s undeniable energy and movement on stage was also catchy. Bouncing, jumping and moving their bodies across the stage, they encouraged the crowd to be a part of the concert.

Throughout their performance, the Thundamentals espoused strong messages of peace and unity, dubbed by the group as a part of an ‘anti-depression campaign’. Throughout the performance between sets, the boys spoke messages of peace, understanding and doing the right thing, ultimately bringing the crowd closer together, through a unique and thoughtful atmosphere.

The reflection on lyrics such as “take your fist and make a peace sign with it” were seen in their messages alongside pleas for an end to violence, abuse, war and for everyone to come together as one. This showed the Australian rap group’s passion for peace and a better world.

The combination of the Thundamentals thoughtful yet bold and ballsy onstage presence was unique and powerful, and allowed for these underlying themes to take effect on their audience.

The Thundamentals play at UC Refectory. Photo by Emma de Kiefte.

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