In 2013, Melbourne MC REMI won Triple J unearthed artist of the year. In that time, life for REMI and his musical collaborator Sensible J has definitely changed.

REMI’s first album Raw x Infinity made waves both in Australia and internationally and he won an array of awards including the Australian Music Prize. This year, REMI plans to release a new album, LP and will be touring, not only with his new album but also with Seth Sentry over the winter.

REMI will be playing at Groovin the Moo this weekend.

This weekend, you hit the road for GTM – can you give us hints as to what your set will be like?

It’s a pretty short set so I guess we are just going to play high energy vibe set. We will be doing a couple of new songs and we will definitely be playing the song ‘For Good’. We will be bringing out some house of beige guests whenever we can.

You have shared the stage with some incredible artists including Danny Brown, Vic Mensa and Joey Bada$$ – what have those experiences been like?

They were all amazing and you learn different lessons from every single one. It gives you more inspiration than anything to just keep going. You find yourself 24-hours away from home and playing to a whole host of people that love your music.

Your new video ‘For Good’ featuring Sampa the Great has recently been released, what was it like working with her?

It was dope, clearly an incredible talent. She’s also a really dope friend and that’s probably my favourite thing about making music is that you can create these relationships with other people who are like-minded.

It was super-organic, super easy going and just a really good time.

 You’re currently working on an album which will be released later this year. Can you tell us a little bit about that?

The album is called Divas and Demons, it’s a super introspective album, and it’s really more emotional.

It explores mental health as well as a few observations of what is going on in the world today and what I and sensible J think of that. Its super musical, it’s the first time we have done a lot of collaboration on a record as well which is really exciting.

I’m really excited to put it out and I really hope people feel it.

Throughout your career you have won an array of awards, which might I add is absolutely amazing for someone so young. What has been a highlight thus far?

I guess a real highlight is the ability that I am now at my house on a Tuesday listening to records, trying to get myself ready to make as much music as I can and be a musician full time, that is pretty crazy to get to that point.

And everything that kind of comes is just as amazing, I can’t really pinpoint any real craziness apart from that. I know there’s a lot of artists who would love to be in a position that I am in at the moment.

Besides GTM, do you have any more plans for touring or coming back to Canberra?

We’re going to be touring all around major cities in Australia in May for our ‘For Good’ single tour. But we will definitely be coming back through Canberra later this year, it kind of sucks that we didn’t get to do it on this upcoming tour but I’m pretty happy to be playing Groovin’ the Moo as a consolation prize. But we will be at least coming back through on our album tour, if not sooner than that (After this interview was conducted it was announced REMI will be supporting Seth Sentry who will be playing at the ANU Bar on July 16).

If you would like to catch REMI at the Canberra leg of GTM he will be playing on the Moolin Rouge stage at 1:30.

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