Mesmerising the world with a blend of psychedelic-surf-rock music, Ocean Alley are back home in Australia from sold out shows all over Europe for a nationwide tour. Being a prominent figure in Australia’s music festival scene, snagging a spot on Triple J’s hottest 100 with their 2017 track ‘The comedown’, and releasing 2 studio albums with their latest project ‘Chiaroscuro’ being Triple J’s feature album, Ocean Alley are at the forefront of Australian music. Ahead of their performance in Canberra we got the chance to talk to the six piece band about their latest album and life on tour.

We are so excited to have you guys back in Canberra again after your amazing set at Groovin the Moo earlier this year, what can fans expect for the upcoming performance?


We are excited too!! This is our first headline show in Canberra so we will be pulling out all the stops to throw a massive night. We’ll play a special mix of old and new stuff with a sweet light show to match.


Do you have any pre-show rituals?


Na we have never had anything particular we do before a show. The usual routine is loading in and doing soundcheck before a couple of drinks and showtime. So nothing special but we are always in a good mood when we walk out on stage.


The new album ‘Chiaroscuro’ has such a great vibe to it, how was the process in creating this album different to your first?


We wrote this latest album over a much longer period of time and also recorded it like that too. We found we had a better ability to refine and polish our music and focus on creating a more rounded record as a whole, something that flows better. The process was some what similar but for sure we had more time to think about things. We are really proud of it and plan to write our next one in a similar way.


Do you have a favourite track off the new album?

Mine personally is ‘Knees’. We all like that one for sure. ‘Bones’ is super fun to play live too.


Congratulations on your spot in Triple J’s hottest 100, where were you when you found that out and how did you react?


I was actually out on a boat trying to listen to it on my phone while I was on my way to meet everyone. It was a massive surprise and it was hard to hear but I noticed it was our song pretty quick. That was amazing to have that recognition, we are so thankful for all the votes and support.


Once again you guys are going on tour with Tash Sultana in November, is there anything that she has taught you?


When Tash performs she is fully invested in the show and offers an experience that an audience can be totally immersed in. That’s putting on a proper show. When we did a bunch of Australian shows with Tash a year ago we were most impressed by her ability to hold an audience, so we definitely learnt more about that from her.


Finally, you’ve just come back from touring in Europe, what do you enjoy most about performing live?


Seeing new places and meeting new people as cheesy as it sounds. Europe was bloody loose, we went back and forth through so many countries so it was always new and exciting. Absolute dark horse of the trip – Zurich, Switzerland.


Ocean Alley will be playing at the UC Refectory on October 7th.