Northeast Party House will be treating Canberra crowds this weekend with their vibrant sound.

A six-piece band heralding from Melbourne, Northeast Party House describes its sound as “dance music with pop hooks and rock backbone.

The band is currently touring as part of the Groovin’ the Moo festival.

Mitch Ansell is the guitar player for the band and he spoke to Curieux ahead of this weekend’s sold-out GTM in Canberra.

“We’re super thrilled (to be playing GTM) because we’ve done Falls which is like three different dates bit this is like a country wide tour so it’s super exciting,” said Ansell.

Ansell has been playing the guitar since he was twelve years old. He joined Northeast Party House after attending university with fellow band member, Jackson.

“Dad played guitar when I was growing up (and) I always kind of idolised him,” he said.

“There was always guitars in the house and there was always records playing.”

Six people is bigger than your typical band but all members of Northeast Party House work together in the creative process to produce music.

“I guess when we are thinking about writing a new album it starts off in quite an individual way,” said Ansell.

“We all like different things so we just have all these things we have been thinking about. So we just have our little DIY bedroom set ups and we create some demos.

“We all do that, it’s really nice that we all put a little bit of energy into what the final product is.”

After creating their demos the band comes together to share their individual ideas.

“It really starts off us all individually wanting to get our ideas out and then we start to collaborate and really start to fine tune all the kind of structures and harmonies that are going on,” said Ansell.

“It’s an interesting process. I mean it sounds like it is really smooth and nice but really it is just a bit of a shit fight cause you got six people.

“We are always wanting the same thing at the end but you kind of have to sacrifice a little bit cause you can’t always have your way.

“When you don’t have a sole song writer, when everyone is kind of chipping in you just kind of stick it out until you get to the end product.

“It’s long it takes a while but it’s fun.”

Ansell said it was a dream of his to playing a touring festival.

“I grew up going to Big Day Out and I always dreamt of playing a touring festival,” he said.

“When that got cancelled I was like oh no that was it and then Groovin the Moo came along and I thought it was a really nice replacement to that.

“We love the major cities but this is an opportunity to get to see these awesome country towns that we haven’t been to.”

Featured image via Northeast Party House Facebook

You can catch Northeast Party House at this weekend’s Canberra GTM. They will be playing in the Moolin Rouge tent at 1:40pm. Curieux is giving away a double pass to GTM, see our Facebook page for more information.