Every year, Triple J offers the opportunity for one unearthed band to play at their respective local festivals.

In 2017, Canberra band Slow Turismo were selected.

Bass player, Louis Montgomery, said the band is starting to get nervous about their impending gig.

“I think maybe the excitement has passed a little and we’re a little nervous but hopefully the excitement comes back once everything is ready,” he said.

The four piece indie-rock band has been playing together for three and a half years and comprises of three brothers and one non-brother (Louis is the non-brother).

“The other three are brothers and they are all from Canberra and I am from Canberra as well. And Max and I were in the same year in primary school,” said Louis.

“Max and I played together in some pretty bad rock bands in high school and a primary school band maybe.

“We all went to uni together as well, the school of music (at ANU) and that’s where I guess we all picked each other as potential musician mates.”

Louis was at work when he received the news that Slow Turismo were announced as the unearthed winners for GTM in Canberra.

“Yeah it was kind of quite shocking,” he said.

 The call came in the morning so you know it’s kind of hard to maintain huge enthusiasm through the afternoon.”

“And then we came home and drank some beers, it was a nice day.”

Slow Turismo will only be playing a twenty-minute set but the band is looking forward to watching other acts throughout the day.

“Methyl Ethel has been on high rotation in our house so I think we have been looking forward to seeing them or if we make any eye contact with them at some point in the VIP area,” said Louis.

“And then the Darkness will obviously be pretty great and a bunch of Canberra locals as well.”

As for after GTM well Slow Turismo already has some music that is “virtually finished.”

“I guess just doing the same thing. Release a song. Hope people like it. Play a few shows. And rinse and repeat that for, well hopefully forever,” Louis said.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WGrwf7i7Vs4?ecver=1] You can catch Slow Turismo at this weekend’s GTM on the Triple J stage at 11:45pm

Featured image supplied by Slow Turismo.