No one does Aussie folk music like Victorian-born crooner Xavier Rudd. Following the release of his 9th album Storm Boy two months ago, the ARIA chart-topper is taking his music back on the road, and he’s kicking it all off in the Canberra at the UC Refectory. Curieux writer Fionnuala Gray got a chance to chat with Rudd ahead of the show to talk all things music, memories and the bush Capital.

Rudd is an enigma. After 20 years in the music industry, he’s cultivated a diverse image, and carved a deep niche within the Australian music industry. He’s still deeply connected with the process of making music as art, and a champion of real, organic sound.

It’s not unexpected that his newest album, Storm Boy, is a mixture of creative influences and messages. Having already topped the Australian charts, Rudd’s new music is both a reflection on the last five years and the release of older songs that have only recently ‘matured’ enough for publication.



“To me, it feels like a journal”

“It’s a reflection, from my childhood all the way ‘til now, and the things I’ve learnt
along the way.”




For Rudd, the most important part of making music is enjoyment. He champions staying true to the art, the muse. The muse has been generous.

Inspired by Rudd’s love of nature and the world, the record is more mellow than his previous works. It’s inspired by travel and connection, and the stories and wisdom born from a career spent on the road. Named for its title track, Rudd describes the tones within Storm Boy as “liquid, fire and wood”.

“There’s no hard edges. It’s quite a flowy record, but there’s fire, the fire of life and the fire of the recording.”

Despite the plethora of new music, Rudd promises older tunes will also feature in the upcoming tour, which will then hit Europe and the States.

“I feel like it’s the best show I’ve ever had. I’ve got a great band and there’s also a lot of the solo percussion and didgeridoo. It’s definitely exciting. Even if people don’t like it, I reckon they can say it wasn’t dull!”

Xavier Rudd will be playing at the UC refectory on the 2nd of August. Tickets are still on sale here, so get in quick for a night to remember .