Whilst on my travels throughout America I have found myself several times being the ‘token Australian’ which in turn involves me being asked endless questions about where I’m from, how I speak and whether or not Australia is developed or just a Mad Max dystopia. In a few of these scenarios the topic of music always comes up, for example, if they were to listen to some classic Aussie tracks where do they start. Some obvious contenders include the likes of Men at Work, INXS and all round Australian icon Jimmy Barnes.

But at some point it hit me – I should show some tracks with less international success which led me to pumping Holy Grail by Hunters and Collectors at my AirBnB. What I found upon listening and with season 6 of Game of Thrones coming to an end, is that this track alone predicts the whole Jon Snow story, as well as key points throughout the Song of Fire and Ice storyline. Basically what I want to say is, George RR. Martin ripped off this Aussie classic*, and here’s the proof.

What we are going to do now is analyse each verse alongside the story and at the end an overall look for all those that really just can’t be bothered reading through. Also goes without saying, there is probably going to be some spoilers throughout considering how much of a banger this show is. And yeah sure, I’ll point out singer Mark Seymour has said the song is based off a novel titled The Passion’ by Jeanette Winterson, but deep down we know that’s just a cover for the secret depiction of the heartthrob Snow.

Woke up this morning from the strangest dream
I was in the biggest army the world has ever seen
We were marching as one
On the road to the holy grail

So yeah, this first verse doesn’t quite match things up but let’s look at some facts that line up with the rest of the story. The dream this references is in early on in the series when he dreams of not being a Stark, this occurs during a nightmare. Though this dream doesn’t include an army, let alone the biggest world has ever seen, this can made as a reference to (a) marching against the White Walkers alongside the Wildlings outside the wall or (b) the (very possible) eventual battle for the Iron Throne, which lets face it will be quite epic. With this theory what is referred to as the ‘Holy Grail’ should now be known as a reference to the Iron Throne. Sick.

Started out seeking fortune and glory
It’s a short song but it’s a hell of a story
When you spend your lifetime trying to get your hands
On the holy grail

I feel like this is probably going to be one of the easiest verses to dissect but basically it’s making reference to how long Jon Snow has tried to seek out some level of glory (hardly fortune, he’s too cool for that) by defending the wall and taking back Winterfell under the Stark name (take that Ramsey ya rat). And when it talks about spending your whole life trying it is noting the effort and hard work that Snow puts into his role in the North.

Well have you heard about the great crusade
We ran into millions, but nobody got paid
Yeah we raised four corners of the globe
For the holy grail

I think overall this verse is about Game of Thrones as a whole because let’s face it, this is literally something every family could sing to. Great crusades? Running into equally as large armies? Travelling everywhere on the globe? Gee I wonder which families fit this description aiming for the Iron Throne… (Literally all of them).

All the locals scattered, they were hiding in the snow
We were so far from home, so how were we to know
There’d be nothing left to plunder
When we stumble on the holy grail

Going back to before Jon Snow recruited the Wildlings and that dank ass giant that supports Snow and all his exploits, the Night’s Watch and Wildlings hated each other more than anything with more beef than NSW and QLD or Australia and the UK**. Basically this verse simply describes the situation whilst fighting on the other side of the wall, where Wildlings did hide in the snow AND they were so far from home how could they know? And I guess the meaning of the Holy Grail in this verse could be changed to prefer the Wall/the North. Just this once though.


Image by Wons Noj under CC License 3.0

We were full of beans
But we were dying like flies
And those big black birds, they were circling in the sky
And you know what they say, yeah, nobody deserves to die

This verse turns back to referring to GoT as a whole with you know, literally everyone ‘full of beans’ thinking they’ll be victorious. And don’t get me wrong, I get where they’re coming from who doesn’t want to literally rule the world?*** Anyway, another fun reference to this is crucial character, Bran Stark who is now officially the Three Eyed Raven (a big black bird, often circling in the sky). And I guess it goes without saying does anyone really deserve to die? Thanks for the philosophy Hunters and Collectors.

You know I, I been searching for an easy way
To escape this cold light of day
I been high and I been low
But I got nowhere else to go

You know what, I’ll be honest, there really isn’t much for this verse which is hardly a verse to begin with, more like a pretty bridge when they couldn’t come up with a guitar lead. I guess you could say it references Jon Snow being atop the wall (being high) and then getting down (being low). Sorry to let you down but honestly, next verse is fully sick 10/10 Donovan confirmed.

I followed orders
God knows where I’ve been
But I woke up alone
All my wounds were clean
I’m still here
I’m still a fool for the holy grail

Jon Snow follows orders, (the seven) gods know where he’s been (beyond the wall making out with cute Wildlings) and then boom he wakes up alone. But this is clearly referencing waking up alone after following orders to become Lord Commander of the North, using any means necessary to protect the wall (i.e. enlisting Wildlings), being seen as a traitor by some results in him being stabbed to death BUT IT DOESN’T EVEN WORK BECAUSE HE WOKE UP ALONE WITH ALL HIS WOUNDS CLEAN BEING ALIVE LIKE HELL YEAH YOU DA REAL MVP.

That sounds dumb, especially going all caps, but really I think in a lot of ways this song reflects Snow and honestly should be used throughout the story as let’s face it, it’s dedicated to him. Maybe even make the introduction to show play behind this song. Just an idea, I’ll tweet HBO. But yeah, pub rock invented Game of Thrones simply as that.

*Obviously he didn’t, duh guys

**Still mad about Brexit lads

***Next Game of Thrones conspiracy will be based around Everybody Wants to Rule the World****

****It won’t actually sorry I lied