Foster the Peoples new album, Supermodel, is great company when you are cruising around by yourself. Some songs will almost bring your car to a halt as you absorb their emotion, and others will have you banging the steering wheel as you wildly flail your head around. Much like their first album, there are many upbeat and catchy songs that have a darker meaning underneath, which you become aware of when you really listen to the lyrics.

The unique sound of Foster the People – from their use of instruments, synthesisers, and Mark Foster’s high-pitch vocals – is not lost on this album. Supermodel is very typical of their old material, with only a few new flavours thrown in. However the band’s distinctive style allows them to get away with this.

The album features a range of different sounds, from acoustic to electronic to a song with a touch of reggae, and it’s this variety that helps shake the release up a bit. ‘Coming of Age’ and ‘Best Friend’ are two of the singles that have already been released, and it is clear why these two were chosen. They are both head-boppingly fun and two of the highlights from the album.

The most moving song is the acoustic ‘Fire Escape’, which is simply beautiful – it is definitely a song that will bring your car to a halt. Foster the People has produced an exquisite album that examines the perils and joys of life, and if you’re a fan of their first full-length, you won’t be disappointed.

 By Lucy Bladen

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Lucy Bladen is the former editor of Curieux and is studying Journalism and International Studies. She thrives on coffee, digs wine and would happily choose food over love any day. She hopes to one day be a foreign correspondent.

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