The newest release from San Cisco has been greatly anticipated, as after their self-titled album in 2012, fans didn’t expect a two-year delay for their next hit of indie-pop goodness. Yet, unsurprisingly, the group’s newest release has proven to be worth the wait. The studio album Gracetown, was named after the small town, yes, you guessed it, Gracetown.

The album sounds almost like the big brother of their first release, San Cisco. The more mature tone shows a lot of growth in the band, both in their music style and skill. They’ve maintained their eclectic and poppy personality that made Australia fall in love with them, while exploring a much smoother and more harmonious sound. Songs like ‘Mistakes’, ‘Super Slow’ and ‘Just for a Minute’, bring a melodic sound to the album and give it a brooding depth that their first release never had.

Their contagious feel-good, and upbeat vibes are still evident throughout the album, particularly in songs ‘Too Much Time Together’ and ‘RUN’. They’re catchy, they’re fun, it’s just so San Cisco.

Gracetown is the album that’s allowed the group to truly make their mark on the music scene, and shows just how much the members have matured and developed in their break between releases. It is definitely clear that San Cisco’s breakthrough was due to their quirky style as heard in their first album, but Gracetown is how the band has grounded its feet in Australian music, let’s just hope we don’t have to wait another two years for more.

By Maxine Monus