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God may be in the details, but the goddess is in the questions. Once we begin to ask them, there’s no turning back.

– Gloria Steinem

Most people know the University of Canberra Student’s Association has been publishing Curieux, maybe under few different names (or spellings!), for some time now. It’s been a highlight of people’s time on campus, whether you’ve gotten some legitimate advice from their fresher guidelines or giggled your way through Sex with Hannah, it’s a cultural institution. However, lurking in the shadows, awaiting the best scoop, or an unsuspecting interview suspect, the Women’s Collective has had a publication of their own.

Athena, around the time of your parents’ education, was also in circulation. Specifically formulated at the time, to give a voice to female students on issues affecting them, it was named after the Greek hunting goddess of wisdom, war and crafts.

Now, much like Curieux, we feel it’s time to step into the twenty first century. We’ve moved online, changed our name and did a little soul searching. We’re staying true to our historical roots, we want to be a platform to discuss gender and sexuality, politics, health and education and still encourage minority voices on campus to get involved with the #studentjournalist life. We’ll try to bring you the best music, art and fun stuff- whatever you tell keep telling us you enjoy.

We’re also going to do our best to showcase your non-fiction work, such as; poetry, short stories and artwork.

This isn’t going to a PG-13 safe space, we want you to discover new things, challenge your views, experience and learn to love as much of this big ol’ world as you can handle. So come on in, and see what’s inside.


Love, the Goddess team xx