The University of Canberra’s Vice-Chancellor Professor Deep Saini has apologised for a severe breach of privacy at the university.

At roughly 4pm on Monday, Saini informed staff via email that the “personal data of all employees” had been sent to 24 staff members.

The personal data includes the name, date of birth, gender, salary, and employee numbers of staff working throughout the university.

The email says that the University became aware of the privacy breach on Friday “and took immediate action” to remedy it.

These actions included writing to the recipient employees to urge them to delete the file and not distribute it in any way, deleting copies of the email from any University inbox, and identifying if a University email forwarded the email onwards.

Saini said in the email that “the University is satisfied that the data breach has been remedied.”

He wrote that the University takes the privacy of its staff seriously, directing all questions to General Legal Counsel Eric Wells.

The privacy breach comes amid the university’s bid to sure up its long-term financial sustainability by offering “voluntary separations” to all non-casual employees.

The program’s aim is to countermand the shortfall in funding caused by a $1.8 million cut to the university contained in the federal government’s 2017-18 MYEFO statement.

Saini has assured staff that the breach will not happen again.

“Our processes and procedures for handling this information are being reviewed,” he said.

Curieux understands that the University has contacted the Australian Information Commissioner about the breach.