Students from the University of Canberra participating in this year’s Uni Games will be required to complete the new consent matters program.

A nationwide event with participants from universities across Australia, Uni Games will be taking place from Sunday, September 24 to Friday, September 29.

Consent matters is an online presentation from the United Kingdom, in which the user is shown a variety of scenarios, videos, statistics and articles all about consent.

The program was implemented after results from the Respect. Now. Always. survey showed 1 in 4 UC students experienced sexual harassment on campus in 2016.

UCSRC President Darcy Egan said it was important that students start engaging with the program in order to be informed.

“Given that statistics (from the Australian Human Rights Commission survey) for a lot of things were glaring – the RNA committee is currently working out the best way to roll out consent matters to students,” said Egan.

“It has been decided by sport at UC given the nature of the statistics and the nature of events such as uni games that students would have to complete it before going on uni games.”

Students who complete the course receive a badge that goes on their profile, if those going to uni games do not have the badge they will not be able to attend.