It’s been a busy year for Ball Park Music having already dropped a new album and news of national tour at the start of the year as well as playing some of the biggest festivals in the country, but they’ve certainly got no plans to slow down. Ready to do it all again, the band is about to embark on a co-headline tour across the nation with fellow indie band, San Cisco. The new national tour includes a stop here in the capital, so we hung out with Ball Park’s Sam Cormack ahead of their gig at the UC Refectory. 

So, you’re about to embark on a national tour with San Cisco, how’d you manage to bring it all together?

We pitched the idea to them and thankfully it fell at a time where San Cisco could fit it in. We’d been thinking it might be cool to do a co-headline tour for a while and we thought it’d just be too good to be true if we got San Cisco on board. We’re very excited we’re making it happen!

You played here on the lawns of UC as part of the GTM line-up earlier in the year, what should people expect this time around?

We’ve been working on the production side of things a lot more. We’re trying to ramp it up and put some sick new bells and whistles in the show. It’s only in the past year or so that we’ve started to do some bigger shows and some headline spots at festivals, so we’re still learning about how to put on a more spectacular kinda thing. It’s weird but also fun.

You’ve obviously played here in Canberra before, how do you find the Canberra audience?

We’ve had some really eclectic experiences playing in Canberra. I remember we played at this pretty dance-y festival called Foreshore back in the day. We were billed right before Example and I think that was the most munted audience I’d ever seen, haha. People were getting arrested and passing out all over the campus.

We also played a show at Transit Bar back in the day and it was as close as we’d get to a punk show I guess. It was nuts. I remember a lot of drinking and running into the crowd and people coming up on stage. Raucous times! Our shows at GTM and at ANU bar and stuff have also been really nice and chilled out! Just big positive vibes. I like coming to Canberra, it’s always an adventure.

We’ve seen new music from you guys in 8 out of the past 9 years, how do you manage writing and recording new music with your busy tour schedule?

I don’t really know. I think we just work at the pace that feels natural to us. Sometimes it’s faster or slower, but yeah, it’s pretty much the same cycle: write, record, release, go on tour. I find that usually by the end of touring an album I’m feeling very eager to create some new music. Yeah, I just really love music.

We’ve just had the release of the new album earlier in the year and you’re about to go back out on tour. Are you working on anything at the moment or is there any new music currently in the pipeline?

I’ve done a little bit of writing in the past six months or so. Not a great deal since finishing GOOD MOOD, but yeah, there’s a little bit happening. I try not to force it too much. It’s good to just live, take it slow, see if anything happens in your life that might actually inspire me to speak up. I just recorded a demo for a new song last week and I’ve been pretty into it. It’s very simple, but it has a nice charm to it. The band were really into it when I showed them.

The new album you’ve dropped has been well received, what’s next now that it’s been released?

Just a lot of touring really. That’s the main thing. Travelling around to try and take the new songs everywhere we can. It’s going really well. The touring off the back of this album has been a really fulfilling and exciting time.

Finally, it’s been a super busy year for you guys coming off your own national tour, playing both GTM and Splendour and about to embark on another national tour with San Cisco. Is there anything else fans can expect from you guys in 2018?

There’s a lot of shows to keep us busy for the rest of 2018, but who knows what weird and wonderful things might happen. Just last week we found out that Travis Scott decided to put ‘Hands Off My Body’ in the NBA 2K19 soundtrack. So yeah, you never expect things like that are going to pop up. There’s a few extra things in the pipeline but they can remain secrets for now.


Ball Park Music will be in town for what’s going to be, without a doubt, one of the biggest co-headlining tours the UC Refectory has seen with San Cisco on Friday 21st September. Tickets are sold out, but you can enter the UC Refectory Facebook competition for your chance to win a double pass.

Featured image by Elisfkc.