Picture this: you’re heading out for a classic night out in Civic (pronounced Civicccccc) or the Light House (RIP to the former glorious days of the Lighty), the ladz and ladettez are a bucket of punch deep and you’re ready for a long night out. You’ve lined up ready to start your rager, you reach for your ID and…it’s not there.

What follows is the journey of shame (worse than the walk of shame) heading back home to collect your ID. Most times this involves an UBER fare or a willing sober driver to begrudgingly drive you all the way back home, only for you to decide it’s not worth going back out at all.

While the Australia Post are not directly concerned with our journeys of shame, they have been involved with identity verification for more than three decades, so they know their stuff. A team within the Australia Post, have come up with the Digital iD™  phone app, the solution to our forgetful, drunken habits. Emma de Kiefte got the chance to chat to General Manager of Digital iD™ Cameron Gough, to find out what it’s all about.

With the new Digital iD™ app, students can leave their wallets at home. Across Canberra the new program is being trialled at venues such as Mr WolfKokomos and Akiba, as proof of age.

The Keypass on Digital iD™ can be sighted by venue staff like any other form of regular ID or the unique QR code can be scanned by another phone with the app. So be warned – a screen shot just won’t cut it.

Gough says that the idea for the identification app came from Australia Post’s many decades of providing identity services for Australians.

“There is a lack of confidence, consistency and convenience in proving who you are.  This is holding back digitisation of our economy” he said.

This is where Digital iD™ comes in.

“Digital iD™ believes in creating a world where proving who you are is simple, seamless and controlled by you.

People are increasingly wanting to transact online and from their phone. Digital iD™ facilitates this convenience for higher security transactions that need identity verification.”

Gough says that the Digital iD™ is different from other apps as it is not a ‘digital wallet’. It verifies your identity, proving who you are to others, rather than just storing your identity cards.

 “Having a verified digital identity enables a person to prove who they are online, offline, over the phone and in person. This makes it far more versatile and secure than the physical identities we carry around today.

Once a person has verified their documents (passport + licence/ medicare card) against the issuer’s records, all that is saved on their phone is the verified identity.”

The new app also hopes to reduce the amount of private information we give out in our day to day lives.  Gough says that in today’s age, with data breaches and new privacy laws on everyone’s mind, data security is more important than ever.

The Australia Post team argue that it’s safer than storing your cards in your wallet.

“We as consumers currently share more information than we need to. For example, most people hand over their driver’s licence to prove they can legally go to a bar, but all that is needed in most states is a name and birth date – not that information plus your full residential address” Gough finished.

With the goal to have the app accepted at all the venues across the Capital as a form of ID, as well as stores such as chemists, cinemas and bottle shops. The platform is monitored 24/7 for round the clock technical support the only things students need to do is make sure they have a full battery and that their phone has no unfortunate adventures.

 The new app can by downloaded via Apple App Store, Google Play or find out more here.